Sunday, September 4, 2011


Good afternoon everyone,
I hope that everyone is having a great long weekend!  The weather here isn't the best; cloudy and on and off raining but a perfect day for scrapin!  I actually have spent a ton of time on Pisca because I lost a couple of pictures and for some reason it is doubling up my pictures that are on the camera card?  Not sure how that happened?  Well I finally was able to crop the photos of the two LO's I completed  both are for challenges on

The is one is of the Grand Canal - One of the most amazing places I have been.  I was so jet lagged when I got there that my daughter took most of the pictures but she did a great job. 
This page is for the Bridge of Sighs - named because the convicts would sigh as they had their last view of Venice before death or prison.  

Thanks for stopping by,

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