Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hearts and Waves

Cheer-leading!!!  We cheer on the cheer-leaders~ My daughter spent the bulk of her high school years in a competitive cheer-leading squad.  Here she is doing a stretch as a top, she was only 12 a the time when she started.  It was the first team in her home town.  Now there is cheer-leading everywhere.  She has been on three different teams and has traveled all through the states.  I haven't even really started to scrap those pictures yet.  
this LO is based on the August Monthly Sketch Challenge Wk #4 at  (September 2007 Page map)
here is a close up of the hearts I painted and the Stickled 
the buttons that I sewed thread in to give a punch of red

This LO was also made for a challenge on - Scraplift the person before you challenge and August subject (waves) challenge

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Repost - for Cooking with cricut 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

UR Fabulous

Good morning everyone,
I forgot to show you a card I made for a friend that is going through a separation from her husband. The inside reads "... and don't you forget it. I made it with stamping up card stock and graphically speaking cricut cartridge. Have a great day!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Puppy Love

Good evening everyone,
Last night I finished a LO with my August 2011 Scraptastic kit.  Love the Basic Grey "Out of Print" Collection and all the great embellishments  I received with the kit!!!  I used Ranger Ink Stickles Silver to create the large circle around my daughter when she was holding one of Poodle Puppies.  The LO was from Sassy Lil' Sketches

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Monos, Minis and Munchkins

Happy Sunday everyone,
I have been a busy lady the past couple of days and I have been tring to get caught up on house work and work work!
I have finished my Monos, Minis and Munchkins for the swap on
If  you don't know what Mono/Munchkins& Minis are:

Monos/Munchkins & Minis 
Monos: 1” shape of your choice decorated with at least 2 embellishments
Munchkins: 2” shape of your choice decorated with at least 3 embellishments
Minis: 3” shape of your choice decorated with at least 4 embellishments

Just like inchies and twinches but you can use any shape - it doesn't' have to have a background,  
The ones that I made do - this is the first time I have ever done a swap and the ladies on the tread are amazing.  I will post up the pics of the items I receive :)  

I have also been doing another challenge at - Ugly Paper Challenge.  Basically you send out your uglies that you will never use to another member and someone else sends you theirs.  You are then required to made a LO using those papers and one embellishment .  Below is my  paper that I received.

And the final Lo using the Uglies that were sent to me.  The pictures are not the best, as they were taken from an iPhone video.  Originally I wanted some that my daughter had taken of her and her best friend when they were at a new homes construction site goofing around on the equipment but they have disappeared. So sad... but this one turned out ok and it was nice to journal about my daughters Demo abilities.     

 Have a great Sunday afternoon,

Monday, August 15, 2011


So I believe that most people call them inchies but the group that I am in have had some pressure to change the name because they are not true inchies.  I have never made an inchie before - had fun making it.  I do hope that I don't disappoint the other ladies in the group- the flower and the square the flower is sitting on is made with the cricut - Plantin Schoolbook both at 1" .  I then found some small buttons and sewed them onto the flower added glue and presto - my first inchies/monos

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fantastic - "Scraptastic"

Good afternoon - finally I was able to complete a page (I actually have two completed but I have to wait until tomorrow to post the other because it is in a challenge)

I have also missed posting a couple of cards that I completed - this one was made for a house warming present for my cousin - inside the gift is two sapling trees for them to plant

My daughter had her Nineteenth birthday yesterday - wow - where does the time go?? She would kill me if she knew I was posting this pic on the web

 Sarah and I went to the beach for my birthday stopped into Port Dover to get the famous Arbor Dog
 Have a great weekend - I promise I will not let this blog go so long without posting again :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Happy Sunday everyone!

Yesterday I had a friends backyard wedding reception to attend. I have been starting to experiment with cards and made the below card for them.  Now the colour in the pic looks pink but I would say it truly more burgundy than pink,  I used Plantin Schoolbook cartridge to create the card and the envelope, Sophistication for the frame and wild cards for the couple.   I stickled the scroll on the right of the card using Gold.  Inside I stamped  "Congratulations".

the card standing up - see my cats cute little feet... she always wants to be in the pictures

close up of the stickle gold 

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday!!!  Yeah... 29 all over again (sigh... wishful thinking).  Yesterday my daughter and I went to Long Point beach but while driving there we found Eco Adventures which has a zip line course, canoeing, kayaking, bird watching and tons of nature trails.  We were so excited to see that so close to home but unfortunately we were not able go because we didn't come prepared with the proper shoes and of course the added expenses.  We did talk to one of the guides and he suggested that we come in the fall because it is beautiful to see when the leaves are changing colours.   So I made Sarah promise to do it with me :)
While at the beach I did take some great pictures
This is my daughter who turns 19 on the 13th - my oh my where does the time go 

Sarah and I at Long Point beach

So this is about the only pic anyone will ever see of me in a bathing suit until 30lbs comes off!!!

my baby girl splashing in the water

Sarah posing!!!  She was joking around with me because I take too many pics of her!

In Port Dover on the way home I had to stop for an Arbor Dog which I have heard so much about 

The "Arbor Dog"


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Thursday, August 4, 2011

boy or girl

August 13th 1992 my baby girl was born.  Back then we didn't get a chance to check to see what sex the baby was so I had no idea.   For my shower most of the items were yellow, green and mixed with blue and pink. I was sure that you were going to be a boy.  When walking through malls people would look at me and say "Boy" my tummy stuck straight out so that was suppose to mean I was having a boy.
the page i made is of me at the baby shower Kim Whittaker held for me.  It also has my first boarder punch that Sarah my daughter bought for my birthday 

I used the cricut cartridge car decals again... seriously loving the cute stick people

here is a pic of the 3 dot around the page boarder punch 

and the final layout.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy birthday card

On the 13th of August my daughter will be turning 19 yo.  Wow... where did the time go??  Feels like yesterday when she was just a baby.  Now she is old enough to drink, vote, drive... everything... she is an adult - boo hoo... (insert tears here).

I made my first card with the cricut for this special occasion -
I used pink card stock from creative memories and the cartridge wild card

The flower was made with the mother's day bouquet - patterned paper was left over of some bulk pack that my dad bought for me one birthday a couple of years ago 

I stamped the words Happy birthday in the window of the card

stickles were added to the flower

Thanks for looking :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

first time

The weather is certainly warm out.  I have been busy doing some home improvement duties but managed to get in some scrap time.  I have no pics of the one I am working on but wanted to share my first misting page.
On the cruise Sarah and my dad were up dancing,  my dad having a bit too much fun caused my daughter to go into a laughing fit.  

To make the flowers I used the Cricut cartridge graphically speaking, the circle is all mixed up and the letters is Plantin school book.    When I get a moment I will take a picture of the flowers close up so you can see the sparkles from the misting. Today I bought some Stickles and tattered angels glam glitter paint.  
Well chat again soon,