Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday!!!  Yeah... 29 all over again (sigh... wishful thinking).  Yesterday my daughter and I went to Long Point beach but while driving there we found Eco Adventures which has a zip line course, canoeing, kayaking, bird watching and tons of nature trails.  We were so excited to see that so close to home but unfortunately we were not able go because we didn't come prepared with the proper shoes and of course the added expenses.  We did talk to one of the guides and he suggested that we come in the fall because it is beautiful to see when the leaves are changing colours.   So I made Sarah promise to do it with me :)
While at the beach I did take some great pictures
This is my daughter who turns 19 on the 13th - my oh my where does the time go 

Sarah and I at Long Point beach

So this is about the only pic anyone will ever see of me in a bathing suit until 30lbs comes off!!!

my baby girl splashing in the water

Sarah posing!!!  She was joking around with me because I take too many pics of her!

In Port Dover on the way home I had to stop for an Arbor Dog which I have heard so much about 

The "Arbor Dog"


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