Thursday, August 4, 2011

boy or girl

August 13th 1992 my baby girl was born.  Back then we didn't get a chance to check to see what sex the baby was so I had no idea.   For my shower most of the items were yellow, green and mixed with blue and pink. I was sure that you were going to be a boy.  When walking through malls people would look at me and say "Boy" my tummy stuck straight out so that was suppose to mean I was having a boy.
the page i made is of me at the baby shower Kim Whittaker held for me.  It also has my first boarder punch that Sarah my daughter bought for my birthday 

I used the cricut cartridge car decals again... seriously loving the cute stick people

here is a pic of the 3 dot around the page boarder punch 

and the final layout.

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