Sunday, August 21, 2011

Monos, Minis and Munchkins

Happy Sunday everyone,
I have been a busy lady the past couple of days and I have been tring to get caught up on house work and work work!
I have finished my Monos, Minis and Munchkins for the swap on
If  you don't know what Mono/Munchkins& Minis are:

Monos/Munchkins & Minis 
Monos: 1” shape of your choice decorated with at least 2 embellishments
Munchkins: 2” shape of your choice decorated with at least 3 embellishments
Minis: 3” shape of your choice decorated with at least 4 embellishments

Just like inchies and twinches but you can use any shape - it doesn't' have to have a background,  
The ones that I made do - this is the first time I have ever done a swap and the ladies on the tread are amazing.  I will post up the pics of the items I receive :)  

I have also been doing another challenge at - Ugly Paper Challenge.  Basically you send out your uglies that you will never use to another member and someone else sends you theirs.  You are then required to made a LO using those papers and one embellishment .  Below is my  paper that I received.

And the final Lo using the Uglies that were sent to me.  The pictures are not the best, as they were taken from an iPhone video.  Originally I wanted some that my daughter had taken of her and her best friend when they were at a new homes construction site goofing around on the equipment but they have disappeared. So sad... but this one turned out ok and it was nice to journal about my daughters Demo abilities.     

 Have a great Sunday afternoon,