Thursday, February 2, 2012

what are you doing????

So I have borrowed this from others that I follow - and I thought that it would be a great idea !

Watching: Just getting ready to watch the new "Big Bang Theory"  love love love this show
Eating: fish, cucumbers and waiting for my fries to cook
Drinking: Pespi well it is that or coffee and it is too late for coffee!
Wearing: still in my work clothes - should have changed but feeling lazy
Wishing: I could be given the opportunity to win a huge amount of money so I could craft all day!
Needing: To call my family... i have been trying to remember to call at least once a week
Thinking: I might be getting early symptoms of carpal tunnel. I woke up this morning and my thumb and index finger are pretty numb. It pretty much stinks!
Worrying: about my daughter making car payments... i know... she shouldn't even have one at this age... I tried to tell her but ... you know how it is - they just don't listen
Listening: to the smoke alarm beeping... i should really get a new battery.  I thought that when they hooked it up electronically with wires it wouldn't need more batteries
Wondering: If I can clone myself to get more stuff done that i should be doing cleaning etc :)
pulled from miracle momma designs -